Block heat at the point of attack!

Keep your vehicle up to 55% cooler.*

How does SolarGuard work?


Easy to Use - Attaches in Seconds

Our Fit-Fast strap attachment system gives a snug fit - without the fuss. 


Blocks 99% of Light and Harmful UV Rays

Works 35% better than conventional pop-up shades.*


Security Panel

Integrated flap ensures your SolarGuard is there when you need it. 

Attaches in Seconds

Block Heat From the Outside

Fits Cars, Trucks and SUVs

Not sure what size you need?

Now Available With Custom Imprinting

Perfect for holiday gifts, giveaways, fundraisers, customer loyalty gifts, dealer incentives and employee gifts!

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Happy SolarGuard Customers Say

I purchased this after buying a new car, and would recommend this to everyone. It actually keeps the temperature in my car from getting so hot and it saves my dashboard from cooking from the heat! 

Nate in North Carolina

Weather just turned extra hot and am glad I ordered this. We have a black vehicle with black interior and the folding inside windshield sun visor we used before this did not fully keep the suns rays out. Great product!

Roselane in New York

Very glad I bought this. Dallas - 97 degrees - black car - in parking lot all day and I can touch the steering wheel. I'm not hit in the face with a wave of heat when I open the door. Well worth the price.

Gigi in Texas

No more hot buns from a hot leather seat!!! Keeps it nice and comfy so that I can get in my car, sit down and drive away. Even my sunglasses stay comfortable. No more burning nose and eye orbits.

Paulie in Florida

Before SolarGuard, I could cook a chicken in my car. I could not touch the steering wheel or gear shift without burning my hands. Never mind my leather seats. Oh, and my dog likes it too. 

Cher in Georgia